Bark and Ride-Giving Animals a Lift to a Better Life!


The Bark and Ride program was established in June of 2011, after we received a call to help save a mom and 10 puppies who were due to be euthanized in a South Carolina shelter the following day. Sadly this family was not unusual, as there were many other cats and dogs sitting in these overcrowded, low adoption shelters in the south. Some of these animals are owner surrenders, but most are strays resulting from the lack of spay/neuter laws in the south. After some research, we recognized the need and decided that we had to help! Our main focus has always been owner surrenders but when space is available, we will reach out to other animal organizations in both Rhode Island and out of state.

On June 18, 2011, we rescued mom Ally and her 10 puppies. As of December 2012, we have rescued and saved the lives of 257 animals. We have collaborated with just one rescue organization in South Carolina, so that we can be assured the animals received are healthy and of good temperament. We would like to continue this important mission and save even more lives going forward.The cost of transport is $90.00 a crate. If you would like to help us save more lives, you may click on the donation button below.



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Here is one great story: Sally


“Rags to Riches”

Sally was a 2 yr old boxer mix who lived the first 2 years of her life on the streets of Chesterfield South Carolina. She was known as the “dog at the intersection”. Locals from a nearby trailer park would feed and look out for her, but did not welcome her into their homes. Looking to control the spay/neuter population, a local group called Where Hope Lives were out knocking on doors to offer spay/neuter assistance, when they were told of Sally by a young child. On the lookout for her, the group was able to capture and vet Sally and were told by the young boy that he would keep an eye on her until the group could find her a home or a no-kill rescue. Shortly before this, The Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island started working with Where Hope Lives and developed their Bark and Ride program. This program transfers animals from overpopulated/low adoption shelters in the south, to the safety of our shelter where they await their forever homes. On 9/18/2011, Sally was put on a small plane operated by the Pilots for Paws and was flown to a small airport in New Jersey. There she was transported to our shelter by a group of volunteers and on 9/25/2011, Sally became part of the Chianese family. She knew then that her life would never be the same and we are told that her adjustment to indoor life was rather easy, as Sally was so grateful to all those that made her dreams come true. ( In the photo with Sally is one of the volunteers from Pilots for Paws)