About the ARLSRI

We are a non-profit caring compassionate no-kill animal shelter serving the southern Rhode Island area since 1938.  Here at the Animal Rescue of Southern Rhode Island, we take great pride in our animals, even though we know this is only a temporary home for all of them.  We have been on Curtis Corner Road here in Peace Dale, RI since 1969, and will continue to be along with the construction of our much needed new facility.  We proudly work in conjunction with several other caring organizations here in Rhode Island.


Our Mission

The mission of the ARL/SRI is to find permanent and suitable homes for animals in need, provide interim humane care for those animals and to promote the humane treatment of all animals.

The League’s extended mission includes organizing educational classes for children and adults, providing the community with volunteer opportunities and interaction with pets, and addressing animal-related problems in the community.

As a small non-profit, our work is solely funded through private donations. We do not receive funding from any town, city, or state municipality to fund our mission.



President of the Board

Christopher McManus, christopher.mcmanus@bcbsri.org


Vice President

Denny Denelle



Michael Young



Darlene Trott


Board Members 

Julia Boss

Stephanie Berg

Michele Vidmar

Doug Rubinstein



Executive Director 

Tammy Walter, tammyarl@verizon.net, 792-2233


Shelter Manager

Jennifer Gebar, jenniferarl@verizon.net, 783-7606


Community Programs Manager



Office Manager/Bookkeeper 

Jeanne Sabin, jeannearl@verizon.net, 792-2233


Shelter Staff

Patricia Clancy 

Tina Stanciu

Meg Tompson


Legal Counsel

Donald J. Packer, Esq., djpacker@gmail.com, 789-4887